Dear Rogers

Your new iPhone data plans are absolutely ridiculous. Virtually every other country offering the iPhone includes unlimited data at no extra premium. The fact that the data bandwidth offered for each iPhone plan is so low coupled with the latest 3G capabilities effectively renders the device useless. The estimated usage scenarios per plan are not realistic and do not factor in secondary data usage options (i.e. 3G applications, iTunes Store, &c…). Not to mention next to no minutes and SMS, and lack of a rollover minutes capability. It’s as if you are barely offering a service, and simply charging for iPhone ownership. You are locking Canadians in to what seem to be third world plans from nearly a decade ago. It’s not fair to your loyal customers who are being forced to pay these exorbitant prices.

It’s truly a sad day for Canadians and tech enthusiasts, knowing we have been abandoned by the one company that really could have made a difference.


Gianni Chiappetta

Update: Rogers replies, and yes they spelled my last name wrong.

Dear Gianni Chiapetta,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of online customer service.

In your recent email, you have informed us that you are unhappy with the data plans for the upcoming iPhone 3G.

We are sorry to hear that our iPhone 3G voice and data packages are less than you were expecting.  We would like to point out that they do offer more data and airtime than our traditional packages and they also come with the added features of bonus text messages and visual voicemail.

However, we appreciate that this release has come with expectations from our customers.  At Rogers we are always aiming to improve service to better meet the needs of our customers and we appreciate  your feedback. Your comments will be passed along for further review and consideration.

Thank you for contacting Rogers.

For future email correspondence with respect to this e-mail, please quote reference number redacted

Regards, Heather N. Rogers Online Customer Service